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One of Elvis Presley’s underrated songs “the thrill of your love”

Courtesy of YouTube – audio only

Elvis’ recording, in 1960 when Elvis completed his military obligation’s and wanted to show fans that his album entitled “Elvis is back” would silence all of the critics and showcase/confirm that Elvis was still the “king of rock and roll”, of “the thrill of your love” is a great recording made when Elvis was vocally on top of his game and eager to reconnect with his fans.

This recording, with the Jordanaires, is unique and soulful and no matter how many times I have heard this recording it never ceases to impress.

I hope you enjoy it and if you are interested in purchasing this song, or albums which include this song, please visit the official Elvis Presley website.

Remembering the twin brother of Elvis Presley (by Jeff Schrembs)

2014 – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – Jeff Schrembs

There remains confusion concerning the birth of Elvis Presley and his twin brother Jessie Garon.

Here are the most cross referenced and first hand accounts concerning this matter.

Jessie Garon Presley was named after Vernon Elvis Presley (Elvis’ father) father Jessie D. Pressley (note – he changed it to Presley) who was, at one time, the husband of Elvis’ beloved grandmother aka “Dodger”. Gladys and Vernon, Elvis’ parents, were set on this name and never gave a thought about another name and never planned on having twins though it ran in the family.

Jessie was born first on January 8, 1935 and (sadly) was born stillborn meaning he was dead and it broke the hearts of Gladys and Vernon.

Only after Gladys’ repeated complaints, right when the doctor was leaving, about “I think there is another one” did they discover that there was an identical twin. They quickly came up with the name “Elvis” from using Vernon’s middle name. The middle name of “Aron” rhymed with the firstborn son middle name.

Here is the photograph of the cemetery where Elvis’ twin brother, Jessie Garon Presley, was initially laid to rest.

Jessie burial site



Thanks YouTube – DJ Fontana recalls the ’68 special video

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What EPE can do now to ensure future generations of Elvis fans

These are just some of the ideas off the top of my head but I have been thinking of after approximately (6) six decades of being an Elvis Presley fan.

1)      Immediately reach out to each and every member of the Memphis Mafia (i.e. Billy Smith, Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, etc.) and; formerly acknowledge each of them, make them a permanent place in whatever official endeavors they desire, lastly ask for their input.

2)      Crackdown on the (literally) thousands of Elvis films, songs, etc. that are “available” online but can easily be downloaded/copied/etc.

3)     Quit diminishing Elvis’ life, onstage and off, for the last years of his life. During these years he had incredible concerts, etc. What he endured should be made, into context, part of Graceland/EPE. An example is to have a display at Graceland that tells the story of the portable recording truck, of RCA, that recorded in the Jungle Room. Not only is it interesting but it has historical significance.

4)     Along with each member of the Memphis Mafia, as stated herein, bring together the talents of Alanna Nash (the foremost Elvis Presley expert – author – historian). These individuals are a priceless asset and should be a consistent part of the current plans (about Elvis) but also future endeavors.

5)     Don’t put Elvis out of reach for the majority of people here in the United States but also overseas. A perfect example is “circus” (whatever). Though it may be beautiful and captivating due to the geographical location, and the price of admission, it is well beyond the access of 99% of Elvis fans. Elvis had his chance to be apart of the circus, in his film(s) in the 1960s, so enough of that.

6)    Update consistently Elvis Presley fans and include them, showcase them, tap their memories about seeing Elvis onstage (during his lifetime) and realize that there should be more than just; Elvis week or Elvis impersonators. Focus on substance.

7)     Create packages that not only involve RCA, or Sun, but together with those mentioned previously put together a series of “Elvis year by year” that is the ultimate documentary/commentary etc. Fans would not only love this but by including those who knew Elvis for 3 decades it involves insights that, as of the writing of this article, have never formally been made available.

I’ll end this at 7.

There is an ever diminishing window to capture, compile, etc. not only the younger (potential) Elvis fans but ensure that Elvis’ style, accomplishments, hopes, dreams, shortcomings, life offstage, incredible voice, and being the greatest entertainer who ever lived would be available and in doing so Elvis will continue to shine.

PS:    If Elvis wanted to have done any “duets” he certainly had his chances. Though each of those artists who performed on the “duets” is talented the fact is that Elvis, his life and his music, stands the test of time. All one has to do is have the ability to listen and everything else will fall in place.

Jeff Schrembs

Respect for Elvis Presleys’ Memphis Mafia (2014)

1968 on set Colonel Parker and Memphis Mafia  Elvis Presley, and his life story, is (even after all these years) one that continues to garner curiosity and bring forth legions of new fans along with the “established fans’ that either grew up with Elvis or were alive when Elvis was. Either way I am happy that Elvis’ works, and his life onstage and off, continue to be respected and sought out.

Elvis death was a shock heard around the world. He left behind; his daughter Lisa Marie, his Father and Grandmother, his family members, his loved ones which include those who worked with Elvis and/or were part of his “Memphis Mafia”.

My heart will always go out to Lisa Marie and I am proud of her for her charitable works which were always a part of Elvis (with the majority of such being privately given) throughout his life. I wish Lisa Marie, her husband, and her children nothing but happiness – peace – and joy pertaining to all of their endeavors. And I encourage Elvis fans to seek out her works and support her charities, in any way that you can, some of which are named by and here is the direct link:   and here is another:

Elvis left behind men who; grew up with Elvis, worked with Elvis for decades, loved Elvis, respected Elvis, and when Elvis died not only lost their friend but their employer and also those who never had the chance to make amends or let Elvis know (on a consistent basis) how much they cared for Elvis.

With each passing year, or decade, we have (sadly) lost individuals who Elvis trusted and loved. Here is a link to that lists some of them: so just scroll down and it is under the “condolences” section in red.

Those individuals who remain are living and breathing witnesses to Elvis, onstage and off, and I am thankful for each of them for sharing some of their memories and equally as thankful for keeping aspects about their friend…private.

I encourage every Elvis fan, individually and to share via social media and with others, to seek out each of these men’s works (TV, books, videos, photographs, movies, etc.). I have nothing but respect and appreciation to each of them and to their family members. and they are priceless assets who are deserving of being (officially) a part of EPE in every aspect. Though some of them are many are not and I hope that it changes for time is too short and I have always believed that “if they were “good” enough for Elvis they should be good enough for aspects associated with Elvis and those at EPE.

To those who attempt to judge these men, for whatever reason(s),  for something they s(supposedly) did or said (at a specific period of time) I say that they were; loved, respected, employed by, shared their dreams – thoughts – and lives side by side with Elvis for decades. Elvis was not perfect and I believe in context when it comes to this subject. I believe that Elvis, as we all do, died with regrets and these men, as we all do, live with regrets but nothing should ever take away their role in the life of Elvis Presley…onstage and off.

These men are (including but not limited to); Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Billy Smith, Jerry Schilling, and Joe Esposito.

Thankfully they have written books, or contributed to books by Alanna Nash (which I highly recommend), and (in many cases) continue to share their stories online and in interviews. Additionally, some of them have worked with Sandi Pichon who is a (justifiably) who continues to be an “advocate” for Elvis – his accomplishments – and gives of her time to give her firsthand accounts about Elvis. I am thankful to each of these individuals and for putting things in context and for factually stating both the good and the “not so good” with the good far surpassing the “not so good”.

THANK YOU Memphis Mafia, your family members, and loved ones.

Jeff Schrembs




Elvis Presley – Christmas Album Edition


Elvis Presley.

No matter which name you use 99.9% of the public will know of who you speak.

When it comes to Elvis collecting I have written about the “in’s and out’s” for decades. I encourage you to seek out my blogs and to visit However, when it comes to Elvis and Christmas (his favorite holiday) the two go together like…Elvis and Christmas.

There are a few collectibles, pertaining to Elvis and Christmas, that every collector should have as these were issued during his lifetime (i.e. January 8, 1935 through August 16, 1977).

The first is to own each of his Christmas Albums and by the magic of this blog…here they are.

1957 Elvis ´Christmas album LOC-1035 / usa

us 200                 #1 uk                       #2 germany             #-

This is the original u.s. Christmas album released in November 1957. it is surely the ultimate Elvis package which rca-victor ever produced in the united states. it was only available until October 1959, when the record was released in a single pocket sleeve with a different cover.(see also lpm-1951 pictured below). it´s also the last album released before elvis left for the u.s. army. this album re-entered different charts around the world many times.

1959 Elvis ´Christmas album LPM-1958 / usa

reissue of his 1957 Christmas album with different cover.

Item image 

1970 Elvis ´Christmas album

us                                        #2*** uk                                       #7 germany                              #—–

***billboard Christmas album charts.

In the 1970´s billboard would not note Christmas albums on their hot 200 charts. This album includes 8 songs from his 1957 Christmas album (loc-1035) plus 2 newer recordings. (“if everyday was like Christmas” and ” mama liked the roses” recorded in 1967 and 1969 respectively).  it re-entered the holiday or album charts many times again, in several different countries. IT IS BELIEVED THAT THIS IS ELVIS ´MOST SUCCESSFUL ALBUM (Christmas or otherwise).


1970 Elvis ´ Christmas album cas-2426 / usa (reissue 1975)

reissue on the Pickwick record label by arrangement with rca


1971 Elvis sings the wonderful world of Christmas anl1-1936 / usa (reissue mid 1970´s)

us                           #2***

***holiday album charts

In the 1970´s billboard didn´t include Christmas albums in their regular hot 200 album charts. this album entered the holiday album charts many times in the following years and reached twice #1 in 1972 and 1973 respectively. by 2009 it had sold 3 million copies worldwide.

Elvis recorded this album earlier  in 1971 at rca´s studios in Nashville.

Elvis Presley and Christmas (Army edition)

Christmas 1958 was especially hard for Elvis.

On August 14, 1958  he had lost his beloved mother Gladys.  Now, he was stationed in Germany as a soldier in the U.S. Army, far from home and also concerned about his music and film career being on hold.
Elvis’ fellow soldiers had decorated the company Christmas tree. They had taken up a collection and given a party for the orphans in nearby Friedberg. Elvis had visited the area promoting the new Salk polio vaccine.  On the day that some of the men were to go on holiday leave and furlough, they had to have all their equipment cleaned and inspected and they could not have their passes before 1700 hours.
Some of the guys were humming and singing Christmas songs.  One soldier asked Elvis to
show them how he did his Christmas songs.  He finished polishing mirrors in the latrine and then joined the crowd.  He told them to “make an instrument.”  Out came spoons, combs with wax paper, and makeshift drums using tent pins for drum sticks.  They sang a rock version of “White
Christmas” with great fervor.

It was almost 1700 hours and one soldier asked before they went would Elvis sing “Silent Night.”  Elvis took the guitar and asked his sergeant to help him.  Recalls Sergeant Jones, “Elvis sang as if in a trance, totally oblivious to the spoons, combs, and tent pins…Somewhere along the way the instruments fell silent and only Elvis’ voice could be heard.  Those going on pass didn’t interrupt.  They simply walked silently by Elvis, touched his shoulder and walked out the door.  Not another word was spoken after the song until Elvis broke the spell. ‘Merry Christmas,  everyone,’ he said.  ‘Merry Christmas Elvis!’
they replied in unison.”

On Christmas day Sergeant Jones came by the barracks to look in on those not on leave.  He
expected to find a somber place.  Instead the barracks were jumping.  Elvis too had thought of the others with nowhere to go and had stopped by with a visiting movie actress.
He took the time to introduce her to each soldier before they were off to see a show in Frankfurt.  After he left one soldier told Jones, “‘You know, Sarge, that Elvis, he sure does know how to make people feel good.”  Jones replied, “Amen.” And then “Amen!” the guys in the barracks shouted back.


FOOTNOTES about Elvis in the US Army (i.e. 1956 – 1960)

Elvis received his “official draft notice”, which was hand delivered, the 3rd week of December 1957 at his home in Memphis Tennessee aka Graceland.
Elvis was drafted into to the Army on March 24th 1958 as Army Private 53310761. He had to go on an army tour to West Germany. Hundreds of German fans where waiting to while Elvis was came in at Bremerhaven on October 1 1958.
Elvis would stay for 18 months in the little town called Bad Nauheim near his army base The Ray Barracks in Friedberg. On March 2 1960 Elvis� army tour with the US Third Division was over. Elvis would fly back home to the United States after waving goodbye to the German fans who were waiting in the cold.

Elvis would give away a special goodbye to his girlfriend Priscilla who would be his future wife.
The plane was leaving fromt Rhinemain air base and would make the first stop at Ayrshire Prestwick Airport in Scotland. Elvis would stay there for a two-hour stop at the home for the 1631 USAF unit.
The news that, Elvis would flying in that day, went very fast and in a short time local fans rushed to the airport to greet the King of Rock n� roll. The most fans were in the terminal building where he was passing by.

Without influence of Colonel Tom Parker Elvis was relaxing with fans and was signing autographs and even gave a short low-key press conference. Elvis was officially greeted by Commander Russell Fisher and Majors Ed Miller and Ben Bacchus who would lead Elvis during his time in Scotland.

In those 2 hours Elvis was at Prestwick he even called Priscilla on the phone, who was still in Frankfurt Germany.
After the two hour break in Scotland Elvis was flying to Mc. Guire Air Force base near Fort Dix in New Jersey. On 07:42 Elvis landed in a snowstorm and put his first foot back on United States ground after a 18 month visit to West Germany. The promise Elvis made to return to Europe and do a tour is one he never fulfilled. After March 2 1960 Elvis would never come outside the United States again.

Interesting tidbits about Elvis Aron Presley 1964 through 1977


Elvis is rejected from staring in a Hank Williams film



1st January


Elvis is rejected in favor of George Hamilton to play Hank Williams in a film of his life, Your Cheatin’ Heart, because Williams’ widow feels the presence of Elvis would overshadow her Husband’s story.




The yacht Potomac, which was owned by President Roosevelt, is bought by Elvis.  A month later Movie Life ran an article about Elvis and Ann-Margret marriage but the article was referring to the film Viva Las Vegas in which they got married.


7th February


The Beatles’ arrived in New York and Elvis sent them congratulatory letter.


15th February


Elvis donated the Yacht Potomac to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.




Kissin’ Cousins sneak previewed in North Long Beach, California and Phoenix, Arizona.


11th March


Elvis had an award given to him by Shelby Country and Memphis business for Americanism.




Kissin’ Cousins opened across the nation and the first publication of the newspaper, the Elvis echo, edited by Paulette Sansone.


20th April


The premiere of the film Viva Las Vegas the New York; the film finished on Roustabout.


30th April


The hairdresser Larry Geller and Elvis meet when Larry cuts Elvis’s hair and Larry persuades him too study the occult.




Elvis was presented with the South African Gold Record Award for the film ‘Kiss Me Quick’ on the set of Girl Happy at MGM lot a close friend of Elvis’s Johnny Burnette had drowned in California and Elvis was devastated




The press from the UK had reported that Ann-Margret and Elvis had planned to marry which she denied


11th October


The release of Roustabout, which goes on to release $3 million by the end that year.




Elvis was voted sixth top box-office draw by owners of a theater and he was presented an award Tennessee Entertainer of the year.


The year that Elvis reached 30 and life was busier for him than ever.



8th January


Elvis had his 30th Birthday at his home Graceland.


15th March


Filming began on Harum Scarum for MGM Studio’s.




Elvis started to visit the self- realization fellowship center and later met its president, Sri Daya Mata.




14th April


National release of Girl Happy, which went on to make $3.1million by the end of that year, despite poor previews.




25th May


Filming began on Frankie and Johnny for United Artists.


28th May


This was the premier of Tickle Me in Atlanta, Georgia.




7th August


Filming began on Paradise, Hawaiian Style.


9-10th August


Elvis’s absent without explanation from the set of Paradise, Hawaiian Style.


27th August


The Beatles and Brian Epstein would meet Elvis at his Bel Air home.


21st October


Bill Black, one of the Blue Moon Boys, died during surgery for a brain tumor.


24th November.


The Premiere of Harum, Scarum in Los Angeles.




Elvis moved from Perugia Way, Bel Air, to Roca Place in Stone Canyon.


1966 – 1968:

These are the years that Elvis became a family man.


December 66.   Both Priscilla’s parents and the Colonel had insisted that it was about time for Elvis and Priscilla to get married or she would have to move out of Graceland so Elvis decided to propose just before Christmas.


67th Feb, Elvis bought the Circle G Ranch in Walls, Mississippi.


March 67   Annette Day, Co-Star of Double Trouble, is given a white Mustang by Elvis.


10th March    Elvis had mild concussion after he slipped in the bathroom.


1st May    Elvis and Priscilla were married at a private ceremony at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


2nd-6th May   Elvis and Priscilla had their Honeymoon in Palm Springs and went on to go to their Circle G Ranch with some of the members of the Memphis Mafia.


7th May   Priscilla and Elvis moved into their new home in Beverley Hills.


29th May   Priscilla and Elvis had a second wedding at Graceland for their family and friends who were not able to attend their first wedding.


June.   In a US magazine there was a story suggesting that Elvis and Nancy Sinatra had a romantic involvement.


9th September   Leaving Priscilla in Bel Air, Elvis had to fly to Nashville. November the cover of a magazine which featured Elvis reported that he was to be a Dad.


3rd December   The RCA radio station has a special radio show for Elvis called Seasons Greetings from Elvis.


December   Elvis had received a Grammy for best sacred performance in How Great Thou Art; a pop poll named him Number One male singer and Music personality in the US.


31st December.   Elvis hired a club in Memphis with 500 guests for a New Year’s Eve party even though Elvis did not make an appearance.


1968 January.   Elvis made an announcement that he wanted to do a tour in Europe but his plans did not come around.


1st February.   Priscilla and Elvis had a beautiful baby girl at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis and they named her Lisa Marie.


7th February.   Elvis is affected by the death of his close friend nick Adams who unfortunately committed suicide.


8th February   Elvis was honored by Play Boy magazine as the musician of the year.


5th March.   Elvis had to fly to California for one of his recording sessions.


25th May.   Elvis met a Martial Arts expert called Mike Stone in Honolulu and he asked if he would teach Priscilla Martial Arts and a few days later as an anniversary present, Priscilla bought Elvis a 1928 Kimball Grand Piano and had it gold leafed inside and out to celebrate the year.


15th June.   Priscilla and Elvis went to the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu. June the TV Times had reported that fans had no longer screamed when they saw Elvis appeared.


June 27-30.   Elvis did a TV Special for NBC TV which was taped and in which he was persuaded to wear a black leather outfit and go back to his roots of his music.


4th July.   Elvis donated his very own Rolls Royce Phantom V to an auction which had raised $35,000 for a charity.


30th September.  Elvis was one of the guests who attended the funeral of Dewey Phillips in Memphis.


October.   Priscilla and Elvis were on the cover of a magazine which claimed that the couple would like another baby.


3rd December.   NBC TV broadcasted the Comeback TV Special of Elvis and it was rated the highest program of that week.


4th December.   The New York Times had reported that Elvis’s fans had started to buy his records again for the first time after he had finished his film career.


31st December.   Elvis was shown in the UK on the BBC2 channel.



Elvis ends movie career and returns to his singing career.




Elvis decided that he had enough of his movie career and missed the audience and being on stage.


21st May


Elvis decided to move his horses from the Circle G Ranch to Graceland as he decided to sell the ranch.


1st June


Elvis decided to go on a diet to lose weight as he had a show in Las Vegas and also had rehearsals in July.


15th June


Elvis’s song ‘In the Ghetto’ was certified Gold by RIAA.


31st July


For the first time in 8 years Elvis appeared at the international Hotel in Las Vegas for a live concert.


1st August


Elvis decided to tell reporters that he wanted to do a world tour but it unfortunately never happened.  The very next day Elvis was awarded a gold belt at the International Hotel for being the world champion for the attendance record.  The same Month fans traveled from different continents to see Elvis in his Vegas shows.  A little later that month Rolling Stone reported that Elvis was Supernatural.  He was called a Superstar by Variety.


22nd August


TV Networks broadcasted Elvis’s Comeback Special for the second time.




3rd September


The film The Trouble With Girls had its National release and also this month Suspicious Minds/ You’ll Think Of Me  was released and hit the billboards top 100 for 15 weeks and reached number one in November for only the one week of its release.


12th December


The LP ‘From Memphis to Vegas/From Vegas to Memphis’ is certified gold by the RIAA.




Elvis’s Vegas years



21st January


Elvis received a Gold Disc for selling a million copies of his hit Don’t Cry Daddy from RIAA.


26th January


At the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Elvis started a new season of concerts.


23rd February


Elvis had his 57th concert in Las Vegas and it happened to be the last of that date.


27th February


Elvis started his first concert of a 3 day booking at the Houston Astrodome at the livestock show were Elvis performed 2 shows every night.


1st March


After the shows, Elvis had flown back to Memphis to have a rest but he checked himself into the Baptist Memorial Hospital where he was informed that he had Glaucoma in his left eye.


1st June


Felton Jarvis decided to leave the RCA record company and he then managed Elvis’s recording career.


14th August


Patricia Parker, a Hollywood Waitress filed a paternity suit against Elvis claiming he was the Father of her son Jason who was born 19th October 1970.


26th August


The FBI were called to a show to protect Elvis as there were threats received of Kidnap or Murder to Elvis but they turned out to be completely false.


9th September


Elvis gave a concert at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix and many other places around the US over the next few days.




Elvis became a special deputy which gave him permission to legally carry a gun wherever he went around Memphis.  Elvis had a gold necklace made for all the Memphis Mafia which had inscribed ‘T.C.B’ which stood for Taking Care Of Business which included a lightning bolt which also was on the necklace.  The significance of the lightning bolt was ‘in a flash’.




THATS THE WAY IT IS film of Elvis’s concerts and recording sessions had its premiere in which they were filmed in the cities of Phoenix, Arizona; Portland, Oregon.  Portland, Oregon named the day “Elvis Presley Day”, were Elvis performed at the memorial Coliseum.  During that month, Elvis gave concerts in different cities like New Jersey, Oakland, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Oklahoma City and finally Denver.


December 3rd


Elvis had spent a maximum of $20,000 on his guns on a three day shopping spree.


December 21st


During a meeting at the White House with President Nixon, Elvis was given the Narcotics Bureau Badge since he had offered to go undercover to help get rid of  drug abuse and subversive behavior in the US.


December 28th


At the wedding of Sonny West and Judy Morgan, Elvis was the best man and Priscilla was the Matron of Honor and it was held in Memphis.


December 30th


Elvis was taken for a VIP tour of the headquarters for the FBI in Washington DC.



Elvis had the most up and down year he had ever known.


9th January


Elvis collects an award in person for the first time for being voted one of the ten most outstanding men in America.




Elvis appeared at International Hotel in Las Vegas for a season of 57 concerts.


27th February


Elvis flew home to Memphis for 7 days before he drove onto Nashville for his recording sessions.


21st May


Suspicious Minds was named the most outstanding single when it was recorded in Memphis, TN.


1st June


Elvis’s birthplace in Tupelo was opened to members of the public for the first time.


20th July


Elvis played his first 28 concerts at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel in State line Nevada followed by another 57 shows at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas.




Elvis and Priscilla moved out of their home in Hill Crest and put it up for sale and then moved into a new house in Montvale.


1st September


Elvis bought his very first Stutz Blackhawk Coupe, he then bought 3 of the same model but the car was meant for another star.


24th October


A radio show which was produced by Jerry Hopkins and Ron Jacobs which was a 12 hour radio show which was called The Elvis Presley Story.




Elvis performed many concerts including Minneapolis, Cleveland, Louisville, and many other Towns and Cities also after the concerts, Elvis had passed a lie detector test and blood test to prove that he was not the Father of Patricia Parker’s Son, she then dropped the paternity suit against Elvis.


30th December


Elvis informs all is companions that Priscilla had left him after 4 years of marriage.




Elvis and Priscilla divorce after many years together.



26th January


This was a brand new season for Elvis as he played 57 concerts at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.




Priscilla visited Elvis to tell him that she has been having an affair with her karate teacher Mike Stone.




Elvis played many concerts in New York, Detroit, Dayton, Knoxville and many other cities for which many of them were filmed for a documentary called Elvis on tour.




Elvis played the opening concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York City followed by a further concerts in Fort Wayne and Evansville in Indiana, Milwaukee, Chicago, Fort Worth, Wichita and finally Tulsa.


6th July


Elvis met Linda Thompson who was a former Beauty Queen.


26th July


Priscilla and Elvis are finally legally separated.


4th August


Elvis has an opening concert, the first of 63 at the Hilton in Las Vegas.


August 18th


Elvis files to get his divorce finalized from Priscilla.


4th September


Elvis had a press conference were the Colonel confirmed of an upcoming broadcast in January for NBC Television.




Elvis and Linda Thompson move into Graceland together.


1st November


The release of the film Elvis on tour reached astounding half a million dollars in only 1 week.




A series of different concerts were played in Lubbock, Tucson, El Paso Texas and many other places.




Elvis had a Grammy awarded for his performances and LP’s and even the documentary Elvis on Tour which was voted the best of 1972 by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and it also had a Golden Globe award.





This is the start of his Hawaii concerts.



9th January


Elvis arrived in Honolulu to start rehearsals for his Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii concert.


14th January


Elvis’s show (Aloha from Hawaii) was broadcast to over 40 Countries all over the world.


15th January


28 different European countries saw the second broadcast of Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii concert.


18th January


Elvis with his entire entourage flew into Las Vegas for rehearsal for his opening for the season in Las Vegas.


26th January


Elvis started the opening concert of his 54 concerts at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas.




Elvis presented Muhammad Ali with a flamboyant jewel encrusted robe with the emblem of PEOPLES CHAMPION which he wore at his next fight against Joe Bugner in Las Vegas on the 14th February.




Elvis missed several concert dates due to a personal problem that was out of his control for many years.


18th February


Four over excited fans rushed the stage to Elvis when He knocked one back into the audience and the others were removed by the security but they ended up being over excited fans who just wanted to get close to him.


23rd February


Elvis had finished his concert in Las Vegas, but he would stay on to see his friend Ann-Margaret’s opening show and several other shows.


9th March


Elvis returns to Graceland to relax with Linda Thompson and all of the members of the Memphis Mafia.


2nd April


After a LOT of persuasion, Ed Parker presented Elvis with a Kenpo Karate 6th degree Black Belt.




Elvis also persuaded Kang Rhee to give him the 7th degree Black Belt in the Pasaryu Karate level.


4th May


Elvis was booked for 25 concerts at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel in Stateline, Nevada but Elvis had to cancel many of his concerts due to him having ill health.


13th May


After a Mother’s Day special concert, he donated money to his favorite hospital in the memory of his Mother.


18th May


Elvis returned to Memphis because he was ill and absolutely exhausted and he would go back to Memphis.


6th August


Elvis missed 2 concerts due to ill health at the Las Vegas Hilton that were planned as a series of the 59 remaining concerts.




Colonel Parker and Elvis had a major argument which resulted in them breaking the partnership but they soon reinstated the partnership.


9th October


Elvis and Priscilla went to Santa Monica to finalize their divorce proceedings.




Movie World featured the pictures of Priscilla and Elvis on their cover were they reported that Elvis had collapsed after their divorce.





The beginning of Boxcar Enterprise (Elvis’s new creation).




Colonel Parker and Elvis created a new enterprise which they called Boxcar Enterprise which handled the day to day Elvis merchandise which was not connected to any of the movies or the records that the company Boxcar records also created.


26th January


Elvis performed a series of 29 concerts that were held at a venue named The Las Vegas Hilton which would end 9th of February.




Silver Screen featured a cover of Elvis and it had an article that would speculate that Elvis was to marry his longtime girlfriend Linda Thompson.


Elvis would play concerts which would start in Tulsa and would go around the United States and would finish in his home town of Memphis.


Dr George Nichopoulos (Dr Nick) would be Elvis’s full time Physician during his tour and he would monitor his drug intake while on tour.




Elvis played 22 concerts around Los Angeles, California and Nevada.




During a 21 day tour, Elvis played concerts in Fort Worth, Baton Rouge, and Amarillo. Des Moines, Cleveland and many other places around the US.


19th August


Elvis had a series of 29 Concerts planned at The Hilton Hotel (Vegas) but he had to cancel 2 of his performances due to ill health.




Elvis replaced Linda Thompson with Sheila Ryan as his official girlfriend.


19th September


Linda Thompson returned on the scene as Elvis’s girlfriend once again.


29th September


Local Detroit papers became enthusiastic when they heard that Elvis was going to perform a concert at The Olympian Stadium.




Elvis played concerts in different states starting at the St Paul in Minnesota and ending in Nevada.




Rolling Stone reports that Elvis wins a Grammy for his performance of “How Great Thou Art” which ends up featured on his Live Stage LP.




Elvis has a long EARNED rest at Graceland after a long strenuous year and an article from a Celebrity magazine comments on his poor health.



In this year Elvis and Vernon both had to spend time in hospital with their ill healths.


29th January


Elvis was admitted to the hospital at 12 midnight with very bad stomach pains and while he was there the Doctor’s decided to get his drug use back in control.


5th February


Vernon (Elvis’s Father) suffered a heart attack and ended up being admitted to the very same hospital as Elvis was a week before.


10th-13th March


Elvis recorded for RCA at Hollywood Studios.


18th March


The first of 29 shows was scheduled at The Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.


28th March


Barbara Streisand asked Elvis to take the Co Starring role in the remake of A Star is born but Colonel decided to stop Elvis from making the film.




Elvis asked his body guards to look for a plane for him to travel in.  They found a 96 passenger Conair 880 plane which Elvis decided to decorate in the famous blue and white.  He then christened it the ‘ Lisa Marie’, it was delivered to Elvis on the 10th of November.




Elvis played many concerts around the United States of America.


5th May


Elvis played concerts at a state fair coliseum in Jackson, Mississippi and the concert raises a magnificent $108,000 for the survivors of a hurricane in McComb, Mississippi.




Elvis had surgery on his eyes to make him younger looking.


23rd-24th July


At a concert in Asheville, North Carolina, Elvis generously gave an audience member a ring worth $6,500.


27th July


Elvis bought 14 Cadillac Eldorado’s and he gave every one of the 14 cars away.




Elvis remained in his poor health while Priscilla and Mike Stone split up.  Priscilla started an acting career.


18th August


Elvis is having to cancel many of his concerts at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel due to his poor health.


21st August


As an ongoing problem, Elvis was admitted to a hospital for 2 weeks to sort out all his health issues that he had.


10th November


The Lisa Marie plane was finally delivered to Elvis for him to use to travel all around the United States and Hawaii.


28th November


Elvis flew to Las Vegas for rehearsals for his 17 shows at the Hilton in Las Vegas were Linda Thompson briefly accompanied him for support.






Elvis’s time with Ginger Alden.





Elvis bought 5 more cars which he gave away to many people.


22nd January


The Colonel has 50/50 partnership of Elvis’s live dates.


2nd-8th February


RCA temporarily had installed recording equipment at Graceland for Elvis to record many hits.


20th April


Elvis invested in a Presley Centre Courts Incorporated which had run Racquet Ball Clubs.  Elvis was a quarter partner along with Dr George Nichopoulos and Joe Esposito and the real estate developer Michael McMahon.  Elvis decided to pull out when it was proven to be losing lots of money.




Elvis played 15 shows in various states across The United States Of America.


29th October


Elvis planned to do another recording session at his home in Graceland but he was too unwell to do the recording.


19th November


Elvis Meets Ginger Alden who is a beauty queen (Miss Memphis 1976)




After a visit to Graceland, the President’s brother Billy Carter makes a comment that Elvis is better protected than the President of The United States.




Elvis plays many concerts in Nevada, Oregon and California were Ginger Alden was invited to join him and Linda Thompson had finally left for good.


2nd December


Elvis has 15 concerts to begin at the Hilton in Las Vegas and it was to end on the 12th December and this time Elvis did not miss the performances.




Elvis gave Ginger a brand new Lincoln Mark V car.


9th December


Vernon has a suspected heart attack which gets him admitted to the local hospital.


27th December


Elvis performed 5 concerts around the United States which started in Wichita and ended in Pennsylvania.








There is an article in TV Star Parade which featured a rumor that Elvis and Priscilla had remarried in secret.


Elvis spent his Birthday with his girlfriend Ginger and her Sister Rosemary at his home in Palm Springs, California.


20th January


Elvis had a recording scheduled in Nashville Tennessee which he would end up cancelling due to having a sore throat.


26th January


Elvis presented Ginger with a diamond engagement ring.  He asked her to be his wife.


1st February


Elvis and Ginger travelled to Los Angeles to celebrate Lisa Marie’s 9th Birthday.




Elvis played 17 different concerts starting in Florida all the way to and ending in Louisiana.


3rd March


Elvis went on a 2 week holiday to Hawaii with Ginger and her family.




Elvis was booked to do many concerts but during the tour Elvis collapsed and had to be admitted to the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis.


5th April


Elvis left Hospital and returned to Graceland were he would spend some time recuperating after his collapse.




Elvis and Ginger had an argument which would result in Elvis asking Alicia Kerwin to travel to Las Vegas and Palm Springs with him.




Elvis had many punishing concert schedules across the United States were Ginger would accompany him to most of them.  Newspapers had reported that Colonel Parker was planning to sell the contract that he and Elvis had to pay his gambling debts off that he had built up over the years


1st June


An announcement made by the Colonel which announced details for a forthcoming CBS concert special which was going to be filmed for Elvis’s next tour.


18th June


Elvis was awarded the Gold medal award for Favorite Variety and Rock Music Star.


27th June


Elvis would make his return back to Graceland so he could recuperate after his very hectic schedule.




3 of Elvis’s ex members of the Memphis Mafia, Red West, his Cousin Sonny West and Dave Hebler had published a book based on the true facts of life with Elvis which was called Elvis: What Happened?  It was written by a man called Steve Dunleavy.






Elvis’s Daughter, Lisa Marie arrived at Graceland for her 2 week holiday were Elvis would rent an amusement park called Liberty land.  The park was rented for Lisa Marie and her friends as a gift to them.


15th August


Elvis had a tour planned and he went to see his dentist for a check-up.  He would later return to Graceland. He went to the Jungle room with his friends where he put on some records and played the piano, some of his favorite gospel music.  After he had finished He and Ginger left the Jungle room and went to bed. Elvis Told Ginger he would go the bathroom so he would not disturb her sleep.


16th August


A few hours later she woke up to find Elvis had not gone to bed. She knocked on the Bathroom door when Elvis did not answer her she then entered the room to find him face down on the floor. She picked up the telephone that was on the bedside to call for help. Joe Esposito answered the phone. He ran to the bathroom where Elvis was and tried to give CPR to him while another of the Bodyguards called for an Ambulance. When the Paramedics arrived someone called Elvis’s Personal Physician. As Elvis was put into the back of the Ambulance the doctor arrived at Graceland. He then went into the back to help with Elvis.  Vernon (Elvis’s Father) announced to the Media, “My Son is dead.”


17th August


Thousands of fans would be standing outside of Graceland to have a glimpse of him lying in state.


18th August


Elvis’s funeral was held at his home and he would be laid to rest next to his mother at the cemetery in Forest Hill. They would later remove Elvis as a result of someone trying to steal Elvis’s body to prove that he was not really died. (See 29th August for the full description.)




Six days after Elvis’s death, RCA reported to have sold over Eight million of his records since he had passed away.


23rd August


The Colonel persuaded Vernon to sign a contract giving the full rights of marketing Elvis’s products to Boxcar Enterprises.  50 per cent was to be equally split between the Colonel and the Elvis Presley estate.


29th August


Three men attempted to steal the body of Elvis to prove that the coffin was empty.  The charges were later dropped when the court had no evidence of the offence occurring.




Documentaries of Elvis were shown while a Certified Gold was given to Elvis.


27th October


The bodies of Elvis and his mother Gladys were re-moved from a Cemetery in Forest Hill and were then placed at his home in Graceland.




Doctor Nichopoulos was suspended by a court while it investigated prescription drugs that were given to Elvis.







The family tree of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley family lineage.

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