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ABC TV interview young Elvis video

Some of the nicknames of Elvis Presley

Fire eyes.

Big E.



Atomic powered singer.

Alan (he used this at Graceland for phone calls and visitors).


Son & my boy (used by Colonel Parker).

Memphis flash.

Tupelo tornado.

King of rock and roll.


The king.

John Burrows.

Dr. Carpenter (or John Carpenter)

Elvis the pelvis (he hated this one).

King of hillbilly (and hillbilly bop).


The hillbilly cat.



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One of the greatest candid Elvis Presley interviews 1956 – via YouTube

This is a great audio, put into a YouTube video, that took place in Lakeland Florida on August 6, 1956 with Elvis being interviewed by TV Guide.

I have enjoyed this candid interview for decades and I hope that you do as well.

This interview shows many aspects of Elvis’ passions, opinions, feelings, etc. To think back that at the time of this interview he had his whole life ahead of him and was, and would be for many years, a great entertainer who was wholly original.

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Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs

Elvis Presley funny moments video circa 1977

Thanks YouTube

Caution: Non Elvis post.

$15,000.00 of Elvis Presley items sold eBay November 2014

There is,was, and forever will be a demand for anything about Elvis Presley.

Such is the case here with two recent eBay sales.


eBay Elvis SOLD November 22, 2014

And here is the direct link:

Renowned Elvis photographer Al Wertheimer died per Alanna Nash

It is with a heave heart to have learned that Alfred (Al) Wertheimer (sadly) passed away today October 20, 2014.

I learned of his passing through my dear friend Alanna Nash.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to Alanna Nash and those who were; friends and/or loved ones of Mr. Wertheimer.

Having amassed Elvis Presley photographs, for these (6) six decades now, I greatly appreciated the talent and artistry of Mr. Wertheimer who was able to capture magnificent candid photographs of Elvis circa 1956. The most famous of Mr. Wertheimer’s Elvis’ photographs was the one entitled “the kiss” where Elvis has his tongue out to a 50’s short hair cropped beauty against a wall.

Even after all these years the black and white photographs of Mr. Wertheimer, with my favorite being Elvis wearing his suit walking away from the train by himself heading home fin Memphis, Tennessee after being in New York., resonates.

The passing of Mr. Wertheimer (sadly) closes yet another chapter in the lives of those who played a pivotal role in the life of Elvis Presley. Hence, I do wish that Elvis fans worldwide will not only pay their respects concerning Mr. Wertheimer’s passing but to also reach out and support those who were friends and/or loved one’s of Elvis Presley. This list includes, but is not limited to, the following: Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Billy Smith, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling and Sandi Pichon.

Time proves, each day, that life is never guaranteed in length and/or quality. I will always be a fan of Mr. Wertheimer and I deeply regret that I was not able to meet him in person. Fortunately Mr. Wertheimer has left behind a body of works that are exceptional.

I know that God will grant the time to; mourn, acknowledge, praise, and then the time to heal.

For those seeking more information I refer, with sincere thanks and respect, you to contact Alanna Nash directly.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs

Elvis Presley interview circa 1955

Man, Elvis sounds (and was) so very very young.

On January 8, 2015 Elvis Presley (had he of lived) would have been 80 years old.

Thankfully he left behind three decades of exceptional work and achievement(s).

While God may not of bestowed the same gifts to us that he gave to Elvis the gifts we have been given are just as meaningful and I implore you, one and all, not to be afraid and to use your talents/gifts to the fullest.

Thanks YouTube

Elvis Presley’s birthplace Tupelo Mississippi

* published with permission of Jeff Schrembs

Wishing everyone a great Labor Day

* posted with permission of Jeff Schrembs

EP labor day5EP headacheEp labor day 4EP labor dayEP labor day2From everyone here, and on our Elvis websites being and, we want to wish you a great labor day.

To those who are separted from their family or loved ones, on this day or another, we hope that this will be the last labor day in which you are apart. Nothing in this world matters more than (God first) the relationship between children and their parents and/or between loved ones/family.

May God bless you one and all. 


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