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Happy New Year to Elvis fans worldwide

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Elvis being recognized by a new generation =  a good thing.

Underrated Elvis Presley song circa 1969 video courtesy of YouTube

During the making of Change of Habit Elvis’ career, which stalled in some respects due to his movie contractual obligations beginning in 1960 to 1969 whereby he averaged 3 movies per year without script approval, was on the rise. His 1968 TV Special entitled “Elvis” sponsored by Singer had been an overwhelming success and reintroduced millions to the greatest entertainer who ever lived.

He was in great shape vocally, professionally, personally, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The year before, at exactly 9 months after their wedding, Elvis was blessed with a child they named her Lisa Marie Presley born May 1, 1968.

In this movie Change of Habit, it was not the typical movie fans had seen in recent years that showed Elvis in a repeating cycle of destinations, corny characters, and in many cases awful songs. But this was different. This movie showed him in a serious movie role and he rose to the challenge. You can literally see the smile in his eyes. And he had some decent songs to work with. Hence this post.

I hope you enjoy it.

Take care

Elvis’ longtime love Linda Thompson video via YouTube

Great interviews many who loved Elvis


Elvis’ granddaughter interview 2016

Riley Keough Reveals What It’s Like to Grow Up as One of Elvis’ Grandkids

The most valuable aspect in regards to Elvis Presley {part 1}

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Jumpsuits – yeah Elvis created them in circa 1969 when he wanted the freedom of movement onstage so he sketched out a draft using the martial art gi (aka uniform) with modifications and a few accessories. Bill Belew did a fantastic job during his tenure with Elvis for the unique style, colors, fit, finishes, and wow factor. Truly some of these jumpsuits are works of art and they have sold at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bling – Elvis CREATED bling to use verbiage of this decade. But it wasn’t the necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. made of the finest materials that gave him the most pleasure it was giving that did. It could be a fan, friend, relative, or a stranger and Elvis at times would literally take off a piece of jewelry and give it to someone. The man had a huge heart…

Planes – Elvis did not like to fly. He was friends with Buddy Holly and in fact Buddy Holly on several occasions credited Elvis with his career as at the time they both played on the same bill, and there is silent yet color footage of this and it is awesome, Elvis gave Buddy the advice of “learn it your own way the way you hear it the way you feel” and Buddy said this advice turned his career around and gave him confidence and he greatly admired Elvis. So it was with great personal sadness that Elvis learned of Buddy’s death by plane crash. The telegraph Elvis sent, and the almost completely faded out handwritten note he authored, to Buddy’s family was one not only of sorrow but also offering to help in any way he could. Elvis’ beloved mother Gladys Love (Smith) Presley hated planes and he stressed over and over that Elvis may die in a plane crash. In fact the first time Elvis took a plane ride there was turbulence and an electrical problem and it took quite a while for Elvis to shake it off. So, when Elvis had the opportunity to buy his own plane he chose a 4 engine plane and had it refitted to his specs with an emphasis on the plane being maintained no matter the costs. This included Elvis having his own trusted pilot who Elvis would call up on a moments notice to fly to Denver or planned a trip to Hawaii. Elvis had a very strong belief in God/Jesus and once said “man, I’m not worried if it is my time to go for God will call me home but what if it is not my time to go but it is the pilots time to go?”.

Elvis anyone?

Elvis Presleys 1973 Aloha from Hawaii TV Special was watched by OVER a billion people. That’s right OVER a billion people. That means the entire population of the United States X 3 (approximately). No one has, or will, ever been that great an entertainer to accomplish this feat. Yeah I know OVER a billion. Let it sink in.

So here is a video of Elvis that was not recorded “live” meaning it wasn’t before the two live audiences but added to the TV Special, in some cases, and put on the double album release. And sports fan if you come across a pristine ORIGINAL ISSUE Aloha from Hawaii double album, with specific stickers, you have yourself something of significant value.

Why not tell about those stickers in detail you ask? Well, man I gotta save certain things after all I don’t make any money sharing my knowledge, expertise, collection, etc.

Elvis loved this song. It was meaningful to him. You can see it in his face. The way he cups the front of the microphone to enhance a lower tone. The way he moves his head violently to his left (our right) as not to sneeze. The sadness in his eyes. The way he comes to life on the higher tones. The way he closes his eyes knowing firsthand about those who have nothing. Who are flat out drunk and you can see a slight smile when Elvis sings about “drunk” as he didn’t drink. YES he once in a year had a peach brandy, a screwdriver, or to a lessor degree a sip of vodka which he says on the That’s The Way It Is documentary of 1970 “straight vodka it’s good for you man”. If I misquoted this then thank you in advance for your input.

“New” Elvis Gospel Album


I owe it to those who take their time and checkout this blog to state my opinion, context, and facts. Things about Elvis, onstage and off, that I found/find interesting. Let me say that I support the professional endeavors of Lisa Marie, and she sings on one of the songs,  and she is going through a very difficult time. My heart and prayers go out to her and her family including minor children. I have no question that this endeavor uses the greatest care and exceptional individuals with good intentions and I respect, and appreciate, that. But I have very mixed emotions about Elvis songs being “redone” and here is why.

Elvis surrounded himself with the best of the best. The best backup singers male and female. The best musicians. The best orchestra. The best microphones, speakers, etc. The best recording facilities. And most of all it was Elvis and his voice. Elvis never let his voice me manipulated by technology and please note that during Elvis’ life we had sent men to the moon so we sure had the technology to enhance recordings as 99% of the “singers” do now (i.e. auto tune, recording board alterations, etc.). And Elvis, for all intents and purposes, arranged his recordings PLUS Elvis sounded as good or better live than on recordings. WOW. So if it was good enough for Elvis then it is good enough for me today.

However, I understand taking advantage of enhancing, for sound quality only, some of Elvis’ recordings. To clarify some verbiage or inflections. To hear Elvis’ 4 1/2 octave range in all it’s glory.

Since I have not heard this album my opinion, as there has been other songs/albums “redone”, is that I prefer the original recordings BUT I respect the quality of the efforts on the “new releases” including the usage of exceptional musicians and singers. And I have enjoyed listening to a few of these releases and I have them incorporated on various playlists. So what is my final thought(s)? Well, if you only had to chose one version take the one that Elvis recorded during his life but in this day of  “click or swipe and songs magically appear on your iPad, tablet, computer, cell phone, etc.” you can have both.

So now comes the news that there is going to be a “new” release of Elvis Gospel songs and courtesy of Rolling Stone comes this:

New Elvis Gospel Compilation Features Lisa Marie Presley, Darlene Love

‘Where No One Stands Alone’ pairs classic Presley performances with new instrumentals, backing vocals

A new Elvis gospel compilation, ‘Where No One Stands Alone,’ will feature contributions from Lisa Marie Presley and Darlene Love. Rob Latour/REX Shutterstock, Kobal/REX Shutterstock, Greg Allen/Invision/AP/REX Shutterstock

A new Elvis compilation, Where No One Stands Alone, will highlight the rock legend’s love of gospel music and feature contributions from Lisa Marie PresleyDarlene Love and more. The record arrives August 10th via RCA/Legacy.

“It was a very powerful and moving experience to sing with my father,” Lisa Marie wrote in her notes for the album. “The lyrics speak to me and touch my soul. I’m certain that the lyrics spoke to my father in much the same way.”

Along with Lisa Marie Presley and Love, Where No One Stands Alone will also feature vocals from Cissy Houston – who began singing with Elvis in 1969 as a member of the Inspirations – Terry Blackwood, Armond Morales and Jim Murray. The members of Elvis’ longtime backup group the Stamps – Donnie Sumner, Bill Baize, Ed Hill and Larry Strickland – also contributed to the record.

Where No One Stands Alone is available to pre-order. The record will be released digitally as well as on CD and vinyl. On August 11th, Lisa Marie Presley will join producers Joel Weinshanker and Andy Childs for a special “Where No One Stands Alone” event at Graceland Soundstage.

Where No One Stands Alone Track List
1. “I’ve Got Confidence”
2. “Where No One Stands Alone” (with Lisa Marie Presley)
3. “Saved”
4. “Crying In The Chapel”
5. “So High”
6. “Stand By Me”
7. “Bosom Of Abraham”
8. “How Great Thou Art”
9. “I, John”
10. “You’ll Never Walk Alone”
11. “He Touched Me”
12. “In The Garden”
13. “He Is My Everything”
14. “Amazing Grace”

Shout out to some great Elvis Presley websites

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I wanted to share a heartfelt thanks to these, in no specific order, exceptional websites about Elvis Presley.

After studying Elvis Presley, his family, his career, his personal life, etc. for (approximately) six decades now I have seen just about everything related to Elvis such as; newspapers, magazines, books, audio files, photographs, videos, records, concerts, etc. With that said I have very high standards when it comes to Elvis and I put a premium on facts and context and that includes the areas of his life that Elvis did not want publicly known (and I am never judging but in fairness they should be put forth to the public and I do so without sensationalism).

Websites are in no specific order as each are equally wonderful). (Joe Esposito Website) (Phil Arnolds Website) (Paul Lichter’s Website) (Russ Howes’ Website) (Alanna Nash books) (Simply do a search of Elvis Presley and enjoy) – featuring Larry Geller who was a beloved friend of Elvis, along with being his hair stylist, for several decades. (Author of Elvis word for word among others) (Alan Hanson site) (our “Official Forum” – free of course so please join today) (Jeff Schrembs Wiki Answers page & feel free to ask any questions about Elvis Presley onstage or off)

And here are some more of our websites/blogs that we know you will enjoy

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The idea of each of these websites, blogs, etc. originated as a “positive distraction” after being diagnosed with cancer. But, with all the content it is still just a fraction of what we intend to post in the upcoming months/years.

With (sadly) each year so many of those who Elvis loved, worked with, were related to, etc. have passed away. Our thoughts, and eternal prayers, go out to those who have lost these fine individuals with the most recent being (sadly) Marty Lacker who was Elvis’ beloved friend – co-best man in Elvis’ wedding in 1967 to Priscilla, and a founding member of Elvis’ “Memphis Mafia”. Elvis Presley’s friend Marty Lacker died at age 80 of kidney failure

And while you are here we hope you like the following images related to Elvis Presley. Please enjoy:

WM 1970 Elvis candid standing 7 other men Felton Jarvis kneeling RS 8WM 1969 Elvis brown stringish vest cool candid

WM 1956 Elvis with Brooke Benton at Red Hot Blue WHBQ radio show

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